Justlikenew.in’s success makes noise
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 2 years ago
success makes noise
19Oct, 2016

And my newsapp flashed- JUSTLIKENEW.in has raised $500000 angel funding. Interesting...I thought as I clicked to know further. They worked hard in silence. And their success now is making noise.

The start up said it secured investment from leading angel investors including Krishna Kumar Natarajan, executive chairman of Mindtree Ltd. And Sandeep Mathur, former managing director of Oracle India. The company said it will invest the funds to penetrate deeper into its existing target cities and to improve its IT infrastructure.

Further, links read the startup plans to be the Flipkart of the repair industry.

Co founders Ajit and Rahul came up with this interesting idea after going through the problem of frustration after the mobile being dropped and the screen gets broken. The world seems to be ending. But this turned out to be the beginning of creating the new world for both the chaps.

Two months of sweat and toil in research field finally helped them to launch the operations in November, 2014 starting with Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Today it is an ecommerce platform which picks up damaged devices, repairs them and drops them back to the owner. It also specialises in after sales service for pre loved mobile electronics.

Considering revenues and customer traction as a part of their growth story, the firm is garnering about 500-600 repairs a month. This is almost ten times the number they had started with.  Moreover, Ajit tells us that almost 40 per cent of their customers return, through referral - either by friends or family. JustLikeNew.in recieves 1 million hits every month on its website, in contrast to 2000 hits when they started.

The firm is in various tie-ups with the official suppliers of mobile parts and electronics of more than 30 Smartphone and Tablet brands, and 2000 plus model offerings from these brands.

Big leaps indeed!

What the cofounder learnt and wants to share is "Coming from established corporates, we had to unlearn a few things. We discovered that it’s very important that instead of trying to build the best product in a lab, we build just a MVP and validate it in market. Customers, with their insightful feedback, will help us build a much better product. Moreover, it is essential to learn quickly and act fast, keeping service quality and customer centricity as the core value of the business."