What is HT BeAChatur contest?

BeAChatur is a contest which will let you transform your idea into reality!

It provides an opportunity for early stage start-ups to present and evaluate their business ideas in a supportive and competitive environment.

What idea is considered to be a Chatur Idea?

A Chatur Idea is any and every idea that would make our life simpler, smarter, and efficient.

So who has a Chatur Idea?

Anyone & Everyone can have a Chatur Idea !

It's an 18-year-old who has a groundbreaking technological idea that could liberate, enhance our complex and mundane lifestyle, it is also a 63-year-old who had a brilliant idea to fix the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but couldn't as the life during the time did not provide that opportunity.

How does HT BeAChatur helps ?

Top 100 shortlisted participants will be mentored by an experienced pool of Industry experts.

Best Chatur Idea would get seed funding of INR 10 lakhs plus an opportunity to raise more.

Also, the top 24 participants (part of the semi finale) will be mentored and funded on case to case basis.

How Do I Participate?

To participate in BeAChatur contest, click here and register

  • Once you register, you will be directed to a questionnaire page where you can fill the questionnaire and additionally upload your plan via PPT, PDF, Word or video link (uploading is optional).
  • These plans will be evaluated and filtered by our “Mentor Panel” to select Top 100.

Contest rules and guidelines

  • Interested contestants are required to register and submit their questionnaire online.
  • A team can have minimum 2 and a maximum of 7 members.
  • Team information details can be changed anytime by logging into the FChatur portal. One can even add or drop team members. This facility will be available at any time during the competition cycle. Please note that the details of the team leader can be changed except his/ her email id.
  • 'Team Name' cannot be changed over the course of the competition. It should be used for any future correspondence or queries.
  • A team or individual can submit more than one business plan/idea after registration but in doing so, it must register separately for each submission. The same email-id and/or team name cannot be used for doing so.
  • There is no restriction on teams taking part in other business plan competitions.
  • Chatur Ideas will not invest in any idea beyond Rs.50 lakh per round per idea through its set of investors.
  • Every contestant must agree with the rules of the contest and must accept the declaration of confidentiality during registration in order to participate. Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of the competition before registering.

Coming Soon

Please Register with us to keep yourself updated with the latest information on commencement of the "Be A Chatur" contest