7 common roadblocks for start-ups and how to avoid them
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 2 years ago
7 common roadblocks for start-ups and how to avoid them
09Nov, 2016

Are you a proud owner of startup business who wants to climb high and high on the mountain of success? If yes, then you are amongst the selected lot of people who have the courage of swimming against the current. Launching a business and consistently taking it forward isn’t a cakewalk. The road to success is not smooth. There are several roadblocks and potholes on the way.

However, only those people who run till the finishing line have the chance of winning a race. The further on you read, you'll begin to understand that overcoming the roadblocks is not a difficult task.

Acquiring and retaining god talent

I know you think that how did I strike the nail right on the head? Finding and retaining good talent is the biggest challenge you are struggling with. To overcome the problem, you need to invest money in a ‘talent budding program’.

Getting return of every penny spend

Being a startup company, you don’t have deep pockets. Therefore, it is critically important to extract the maximum return on investment. You have to be good at making difficult P&L decisions. Prioritize between things that are just ‘nice t have’ and things that are ‘needed for survival’.

Getting lost about how to start the ball rolling?

You are so deeply involved in the business that loads of ideas come to your mind, and you get confused and baffled. Studies say the majority of entrepreneurs go through it. Though the situation looks difficult to control, it isn’t actually if you move ahead in a planned manner.

Analysis paralysis

Well, the term is quite popular amongst business managers. When you launch the business, so many things come to your mind. You don’t know whether the idea is effective or not.  You have so many ideas and don’t know which one will be successful.

Outsource or in-house?

When you launch the business, the biggest question is; whether to assign it to an outsourcing agency or doing everything in-house? Weigh both options and chose what it more profitable for you.

Which technology to choose?

Technology is your friends, provided you choose the right one. Watch out for sudden changes in the technology. You need to be prepared for it.

Competition is tough

Yes, it is the rule of the game. Early movers always have an advantage. Being a startup business, you have to be ready for competition.

Overcome these stumbling blocks and take the business ahead.