Five brave but crazy startup ideas that paid off
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 3 years ago
23Oct, 2015

The last few years in the global business scene unravel inception of some of the greatest startups. They are not just mere clones of established business. Nor are they heading towards a quick exit. The following article offers you a comprehensive portfolio of some of the unique startup ideas that took the business world by storm.

The arrival of Slack

Implementing the conventional business inspirations with a bit of tweaking is a mere redesigning of traditional business plans. Well, that cannot be termed as something crazy. Nothing spells crazy more than thinking out of the box. Take the example of Slack. It stormed into the app arena when there was an absence of an all-inclusive office document manager. With all the major enterprise integrations such as Google Apps, GitHub, Zendesk and Dropbox; it can be termed as the Google for your entire official communications.

Flipkart magic online

While searching for some of the unconventional yet successful start up companies in mumbai, you cannot simply miss mentioning Flipkart. Currently recognized amongst the largest ecommerce sites in India, this particular startup readily captured the minds and hearts of Indian shopaholics. During the bootstrapping periods, Flipkart dealt in books. But with abounding success following suit, it entered the other categories too. With lucrative discounts and trustworthy shipping services, it was not long before Flipkart completely sidestepped the physical stores.

Travel genius Uber

Valued at approximately US$40 billion, Uber is the next big thing in the world transportation scene. Uber bangs on the perfect usage of Smartphone. When you already use it as a camera and navigator, why not utilize it for initiating smart journeys. Booking your rides via this app means hassle-free, convenient and safe journey for travelers. Since its first inception amongst the Silicon Valley elites, Uber is giving the entire taxi industry a run for their incomes.

Xiaomi Smartphone

Crazy and unique startup concepts in India are often the brainchild of some great thinkers. Most of these unconventional thinkers derive ideas from the startup incubators in mumbai. In this regard, you can also take a ride to the global market for some more uniquely insane ideas. Since its first inception in 2010, there has been no stopping the growth of Xiaomi. With strategic online distribution to its credit, this particular startup fulfilled the requirement for low cost phones.

Razer PC Gaming

Finally, the business mentors will surely take Razer’s success into account. With the establishment back in 1998, it was successful in replenishing the market of PCs. Additionally; it also boosted the PC gaming revenue, when the concept was not so popular.

Take a cue from the startup ideas mentioned above and plan something similar for your business. Lots of courage and considerable effort will make your day.