Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 3 years ago
09Jun, 2016

I have always wondered why I am made to fill a feedback every time I leave a restaurant, the Uber cab, any app that I download or just any service in particular. A question that always troubles me is, “Do the people even read this form which I fill so patiently?”

That’s where the success of companies lie. All successful companies will always read these feedbacks and learn from it. A company that ignores the feedbacks of its customers is bound to be doomed because it shows that it does not value its customers. In fact, some companies have a team dedicated to just read the feedbacks and make changes accordingly. Therefore, one should always remember the importance of feedback when you start your venture

Go for cold callings, door- to - door service and ask for feedback. Learn your mistakes from negative feedback and keep your toes on the ground by positive feedback. All this makes you understand your customer and in turn even your company better. Every successful entrepreneur has reached the position where they are by doing this.

All Entrepreneurs love their ventures. However, there is a big difference between the founder’s perception about his venture and the customer’s or the employee’s perception.  Here is an example of Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal, founder of Ola cab service. To get the true feedback about his company from his lowest employees, he booked an Ola cab. The driver was unaware of his customer’s true identity. Bhavish started talking to him about Ola and its services. He thought that the driver would praise the company but contrary to his expectation, the driver had a lot to complain about. That day Mr. Bhavish got to know about a lot of shortcomings with the functioning of his company. He went to his office and called everybody for an urgent meeting. He made sure to fix every nut which was loose. If we see, the same was done by the rulers of ancient India. They would disguise themselves as labourers and go to busy markets where they interacted with the common people. The feedbacks they thus received were the true ones and not the sugar coated ones given by the courtiers. Thus we see that it is very important to know customer feedback. Take feedback from the people around you and think on it.  If any feedback adds value to your venture do not be afraid to change your strategies. Your company may reach great heights but if you ignore the feedback of any of your employees or your customers, it will fail eventually.