5 Words that your customer wants to hear
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 2 years ago
5 Words that your customer wants to hear
06Dec, 2016

Why does it happen that some products get a huge success in the market whereas similar looking products get a lukewarm response? If you look at the fundamental cause, then the right use of the right words is the success mantra. Yes, all of us get carried away with a certain words.  Here are five magical words that your customers love to hear.


When you think about the prettiest and sweetest words for a patient, how can you ignore the word ‘free’? Don’t ever think that it is used for so many times and now it doesn’t charm customers. Remember, it is impossible to control the temptation when you get something free (even if it worth a few bucks). You grab the attention of your customer and in the majority of the cases you get success in closing the deal. So many research programs prove that people get attracted to the word Free every time.

Limited offer

Isn’t it a common experience that we stop at the advertisement that mentions words like ‘Hurry, limited offer’? Yes, it is the natural tendency of every person to grab something that is not available perpetually. We want to show others that we are special and exclusive. Hence, we don’t want to miss the chance of having something that is available for a limited period. The effect gets doubled when the so-called ‘limited period’ is accompanied by a ‘special discount’.


We all want to be different from others, don’t we? Therefore, having something exclusive always a matter of attraction for us. We want to be the part of a selective group that owns something special. Hence when the word exclusive is written, you grab the maximum attention. A few synonyms of this word also create the similar impact, e.g. special, limited circulation, limited addition etc.


When people buy something, they want the best value for money. Hence, the word ‘Guaranteed’ creates a magical effect. It reflects assurance of quality. You feel certainty about the output. Marketing experts say that the right use of this word pulls the trigger. The success of the word Guaranteed is more prominent in high-value stuff, quite obviously because big money is involved.


When you find something easy and convenient, it becomes the point of attraction. Amongst the sweetest words that customers want to hear, the word ‘easy’ is also on the top list. It is more effective in products and services that are technical and complex.