Can training programs create great entrepreneurs?
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 2 years ago
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07Mar, 2017

Are entrepreneurs made or they born like that? Well, every person has a different idea and explanation for it. Some people think that it is a trait that people inherit and it is impossible to inculcate entrepreneurship skills by giving training. On the other hand, some people feel that good training can make great entrepreneurs.

Does a training program make a drastic difference really? Well, at least research says it. Management students have conducted several research programs to define and establish a correlation between enhancements in entrepreneurial skills and the training imparted. The findings are surprising.

Does it guarantee success?

If you look at the curriculums of business universities worldwide, then there is a training program in almost every institute that talks about entrepreneurship. Had it not been effective and useful, nobody would have taught it. Since the course content is designed by people who are stalwarts in the niche, we have sufficient reason to believe that the training program is effective.

As far as success is concerned, it is a relative term indeed. What is the success for person A might not be a success for person B. However, certainly people perform better after understanding the concepts and theory behind it? There has been a significant change found in the way people run their personal businesses.

It is significantly effective in case of startup companies

As compared to established businesses, training program proves to be more effective in case of startup ventures. When a person launches startup business, normally there is no history of running a business. Hence, there is no baggage of ideas, perceptions and prejudices.

It is a proven thing that when people go with a clean slate, they absorb the concepts more prominently than experienced people. Thus, new entrepreneurs gat highly benefited by the training program. Especially, when the startup business is about a new, innovative concept that hasn’t been tested yet; training creates miracles. Research conducted across the globe underlines its significance.

Who are the best trainers?

Some experts feel that the training should be obtained from people who have achieved great success in entrepreneurship. They can explain the concepts more effectively than others. However, some people feel that a successful entrepreneur may not be an effective trainer.