Young entrepreneurs: You can change the world
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 2 years ago
Entrepreneurship mumbai
10Oct, 2016

Unemployment is a pain in the neck of every country. Especially countries like India where the problem of unemployment overshadows others in spites of great economic growth. The reason is obviously overpopulation. Economists say that apart from overpopulation, there is are other reasons as well. Overdependence on jobs is one example.

Hence, the government is putting more efforts in initiatives such as Startup India where young entrepreneurs are being encouraged to launch their personal business ventures instead of depending on others. Since the youth has vigor and courage to face the risks, they can achieve a brilliant success in the long run.

Encouraging and training youth how to become successful business owners doesn’t only help them to stabilize, but also revitalizes the nation by making economies dynamic. Giving them an opportunity to have better control over their future reduces the sense of hopelessness around.

How can youth be the game changer?

Youth are always courageous and gusty. They don’t dare in taking risks. Hence, they are the most suitable people to become entrepreneurs. The only thing is; they need to be trained for a few things so that the energy flows in the right direction.

(i)   Youth should be trained to stay true to their values while working on the things that are essential for the business growth. They should be taught to listen to the ‘inner voice’.

(ii)   They should be trained to nurture their passion. When the passion becomes their profession; the business reaches unbelievable heights.

(iii)   Young entrepreneurs should apply the skills to the business.

(iv)   The budding entrepreneurs should understand that they have the potential of creating a positive impact on the world they are living. The positivity should reflect in everything they do.

You can always make a difference

In the economic downturn, you have less competition around. Nobody dares enter in the entrepreneurship because it is risky. Don’t you think it is the right opportunity to startup if you have a strong financial security? Experts say that you have enhanced chances of grabbing the attention of the target audience.

It is the right time to grow the business and maximize the growth. You need to motivate the team greatly, but the results are overwhelming. Being a young business owner, you can change the world. The only thing required is a little bit courage to get into the business. When the young generation steps in, it is the beginning of the change.