Sachin Tendulkar
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 3 years ago
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Inspiration comes from within? It’s bit true but sometimes we require someone to whom we can look upon and be like him just like why we worship god because be want to be like him…….

So today let us be inspired by someone that is the master in his field and is commonly known as the master blaster that is Sachin Tendulkar .He is a person that not only good at his game but also good from heart.

For a leader it is not only necessary to make people learn from their skills perhaps be humble and understanding by nature and Sachin’s main quality is the same.

Sachin Tendulkar at the age of 11 itself started playing cricket and at the age of 16 , he became the India’s youngest test cricketer . ‘’Don’t stop chasing your dream, because dreams do come true’’ says Sachin.

In today’s world everyone is busy in listening to the critics what people says and are more concern about that only but Sachin says ‘’Critics haven’t taught me my cricket, and they don’t know what my body and mind is up to ‘’. No one is free from them but to take them positively is the main challenge.

Once someone coined him with the term “Tendulkar” and they said that his era was done and he was not going to play anymore or the South Africa series where he struggled. But Sachin was sure that they taught very little about how to play the shot right? They are mere distractions, they are never going to help us get there. Sometimes we just need to turn a deaf ear!

Accept the Challenge –

One of the most inspiring quality of Sachin from the beginning itself during the time of his schooling he was bullied just like the cats and dogs. His first captain, Sunil Harshe, said that he loved to pick a fight. Every time he was introduced to someone, his first reaction was, 'Will I be able to beat him?' but the determination made him more stronger to fight those challenges and this quality is very necessary and is required same in the field of business and specially for the Startup competition in India.

Believes are the very main feature of we Indians like Sachin Wears his left pad first and he always has the Tri-colour pasted inside his kit bag. These all small small believes help us in building our confidence and faith in ourselves that keep us motivated for life.