Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 3 years ago
  • Aadishakti

" Success isn't about how much money you make It's about the difference you make in people's lives  "

Piyush Deogirikar had planned something similar to this, he has came up with a platform, through which he is trying to organize the spiritual and healing sector by creating a marketplace model for Astrologers, Numerologists, Tarot card Readers, Vastu experts, Reiki masters, Pranic healers, Yoga and Ayurveda experts. The company is also planning to sell books, astrology gems, vastu, feng shui, yoga and AYUSH products to its target audience. Piyush Deogirikar is founder of Aadishakti.

The real inspiration to start ADISHAKTI came to him through social experience after watching his friends and family visiting astrologers for life problems, matchmaking and finding an auspicious time. While some experts were genuine, but some were not, also there are many who fraud people. Also, Not only the industry is extremely fragmented, but  there is hardly any source of information about any particular expert.  Looking at the scenario , he  gave rise to  Aadi Shakti, for all those who need advices for their problems, future by bringing experts on his platform . In past, he had worked with various capacities in the corporate sector for over 16 years before starting his own venture in 2014. In his previous assignment, he has worked as an Acting CEO/COO of Mother Earth Retail (Future Group venture). AadiShakti is being mentored by experts from various fields.

Piyush through AADISHAKTI is trying to create an ecosystem for the Indian consumer, which will give customers numerous choices and a sense of reliability. On the supply side, the company creates detailed profiles of an expert. The profiles which  have information such as the accomplishment, expertise and pricing details. They do this after a thorough background check of an expert. The mechanism of aadishakti makes sure that there are fewer chances of a customer getting cheated in the hands of a fraudulent astrology or healing experts. The company has created a review system for all the experts listed on its website. Any chance of foul play, therefore, can be negated easily. Another remarkable feature is the price comparison among all its experts. All these features of the company will empower customer to take an informed decision before he selects an expert.

Piyush rightly described  Aadishakti as an end to end service provider which aims to help customers from decision making to final consultation and post-purchase services. The company doesn’t work  only with fixed set of experts, Like any marketplace . An expert can list his consulting business and a customer is free to choose anyone they like. Also, AadiShakti website gives the customer an alternative of over 150 services across categories such as spiritual consulting, AYUSH, and healing services. The Customer has been provided with wide range of services, Some of the services offered by aadishakti include astrology, face reading, palm reading, reflexology, Vaastu, yoga, reiki, past life regression, acupuncture, naturopathy, feng shui consulting, aromatherapy, crystal healing, chinese astrology, numerology etc. Consultation is available on a wide array of subjects such as legal problems, ancestral problems, financial problems, mental distress, relationship problems, career and marriage related issues and so on.

 Apart from its success aadishakti faced One major challenge in businesses and that was to enter a space which was ruled by experts who are not very tech-savvy. Thus, convincing experts of the tech value add and marketplace model was a major hurdle that the company had to come across. Like any startup, customer acceptability is one of other challenges that the company faced in its initial stages. while dealing with this they used the mantra which is to have "faith and patience", which worked for them very well.

The opportunity at this highly fragmented industry is gigantic. The company is trying to leverage it through innovation in tech and great customer support. Aadishakti is at initial stage of their journey and have served around thousands of customers. This is what AADISHAKTI is trying to do for the people, so what is your plan?