Using the sun in the right way! Rahul Gupta, founder of RaysExpert
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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The bright sun is the source of energy and light for many, but it can also be the source of income for some. Located millions of miles away the sun gives its warmth and brightness to all human beings, but there are some who have the brains to utilize it further for their self-benefit, as well as the benefit of the society. Mr. Rahul Gupta, founder of RaysExpert, the solar power company based in Rajasthan proven this in actuality. 

Mr. Gupta is an IITian from Roorkee, who was in a dilemma that whether he would get selected for the campus placement was not aware that there was something better waiting for him. Mr. Gupta flipping the pages of the newspaper got the idea for establishing a solar power project and then from that day his brain were glued to the idea till he finally started the project with his friend.

But the flight with two pilots could not fly smoothly after one year of working together the two partners drifted and took off individually. From here Mr. Gupta relocated to Delhi and started with a new business model of engineering, construction and procurement of solar plants. The model worked suitably getting RaysExpert eight clients.

 Using the most freely available energy source, Mr. Gupta has successfully established three mega projects, spanning 500 acres in Bikaner, and these projects are collectively producing 55 MW. As a maintenance fee, the company charges Rs. 8 lakh per MW, per client, annually. In October 2013, he started his own 250 KW plant. The 120-employee company is eyeing a turnover of Rs 350 Crore in this fiscal year.

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