A true inspiration of a women entrepreneur - Ali Brown
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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It is not easy to keep a bird in the cage whose eyes dream of the distant sky. Here comes an entrepreneur whose vision made her touch the skies of success. Ali Brown, a woman who thought to market from the kitchen platform broke all the traditional ways of marketing and gave a new dimension to marketing which is now no more in a closet.

The journey from not having a penny to a millionaire was not a joy ride for Ali Brown, but the phenomenal courage shown by her in her initial days can be inspiring for young budding entrepreneurs. Ali invested all her money in her own marketing business also she has to wait for long as she was not getting clients so easily but she did not give up and tried to find different ways of marketing unless she achieved success.

The most exciting moment for her was the launch of her new e-book which also brought her fear of losing her clients as she was selling but indeed she was flooded with offers. She made quite a lot of money till the age of 35 after which she took to help the young women entrepreneur to get started with their new start-ups.

Featuring on giant business shows and publications only added to the worth of Ali Brown. She now hosts entrepreneurial events that change lives, and her workshops are unlike any other out there, combining her innovative business success strategies with advice for leadership and personal growth.

Ali Brown’s story is truly inspiring for all the women who have the courage to fulfill their dreams with colors of reality.

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