Mark zuckerberg founder of facebook
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 3 years ago
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Mark zuckerberg founder of facebook, which is his successfully project and which he started in his college dormitory room. He is world's successfully entrepreneur. The most impressive part is he became a billionaire at a very young age, it is very inspirational for us and it motivate us towards our goal or if not then to set an aim. It takes a lot of dedication  to be successfull. Mark zuckerberg didn't just work till office hours, his friends and roommate 's were partying while he stayed in room to work on coding to make the website . We can see that his hard work made him a billionaire. We just need to give our dedication towards our work which we do or we gonna do. He didn't just got a straight success, he faced many problems but he didn't loose hopes, he overcome the problems with his brilliant ideas. Mark zuckerberg's hard work and success inspire us to come up with something creative and new. , Facebook has suffered its fair share of setbacks.  Mark Zuckerberg and his team have remained strong in the face of adversity, being mindful of the hazards and hopeful of maneuvering around any challenge that comes their way.

Zuckerberg and the rest of the Facebook team believed in their product enough to wait it out. It is often said that in the world of business, not taking risks is the biggest  risk to take, and mark zuckerberg and his team took the risk, the world is knowing what result he got for the risk he took. when you have worked incredibly hard on a project, daring to take risks can be a struggle, but later you will get a good result for that struggle and risk. However, by not letting fear get in the way of a big decision, you can ensure that you are making the best choice for your project or work you undertook.

When Mark Zuckerberg  first launched his project, it had major competition from more than 20 similar sites, and each was in a far better position than Facebook.  It was mark zuckerberg who had confident on his product and worked on his product so well that facebook had captured the market line of social media.

Life is not about just earning lum sum amount it’s about building something that changes the world for the better, so we should think something beter for the world and share with the world. And as the creator of Facebook, Zuckerberg has certainly done that.

Zuckerberg created Facebook while he was still a student at Harvard, and eventually dropped out to concentrate on building the website. He wanted to provide people with a revolutionary means of communicating. Since that time, Facebook has become the most dominant social networking platform, with over one billion users. It connects people around the world in an unprecedented way and has forever changed the way we communicate with one another.

Always look forward towards your aim. Sometimes you have to tear down the oldest and greatest buildings in a city to construct something even better. So whatever plan you have in your mind to reach somewhere just have confident on it and go for it. Don’t keep limits on your  work break down the boundries and work hard , There will be people who don’t want to see you succeed because they are not working hard towards their goal so they want you to be the same , so never get influence by them you should ignore them.

If you only care about money, you might as well settle for a boring  job with a steady paycheck. There are plenty of wealthy people out there who only think about themselves. They are selfish and foolish. In the end, no one will remember them. They have no real power and no influence over the future. The most successful people risked everything they had to get where they are. Money is an illusion, it comes and goes. Your legacy is forever.