Changing the way India learns and speaks english. Pranshu Patni, Co Founder of CultureAlley

Pranshu Patni left her job as an analyst at Pitney Bowes in Gurgaon, to start working on CultureAlley. Intially she started off with a website that could teach languages including English, Hindi, Mandarin and Spanish, th

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Start up mistakes every entrepreneur should avoid

Human psychology deems knowing what not to do more effective than knowing what to do.

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Do you have a chatur idea?

A million bucks is easier to spend, but certainly hard to earn. What would you do if had it? Maybe invest for the future or start your dream venture. See what these Chaturs chose to do with it!

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A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, it’s said and neither are Entrepreneurs. The journey of an entrepreneur is a crazy roller coaster ride.

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