Methods to Motivate a Sales team
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Posted : 2 years ago
Methods to motivate a Sales team
08Dec, 2016

Motivation is a subjective and relative aspect and not an objective and absolute one. Therefore, it is quite difficult to determine the level of motivation in the organization. Experts say that amongst all your employees, it is a tough job to keep the sales force motivated. Since they are in a job profile that always keeps them on the tows, they always feel frustrated. 

A good sales manager influences the team on two fronts:

  • He uses the right skill set for the right job
  • He keeps each member motivated

The first aspect requires a detailed analysis of the past performance, the shortcomings and a concrete plan to bridge the gap.

The second aspect is furthermore critical because you need to understand motivations levels at the individual level and the team level. Since multiple factors (internal and external) affect motivation levels, one has to be cautious about it while developing motivation strategy for the sales force.   

Here are 4 fundamental strategies that help in keeping the sales employees motivated:

Do the homework first

Since everybody has a different personality, an effective manager reads the traits and working style first. Motivation factors are closely associated with the selling style and mindset of a person. Therefore, pushing a common strategy is not a great idea. A supervisor should make the strategy after doing homework. It is not a big deal to know the personality and preferences of your sales team. Ask questions like:

  • What frequency of interaction an employee prefers?
  • Does he like public feedback and praising or private?
  • How many times she or he likes to interact with the manager?
  • What is the mode of communication he prefers?

Set periodic goals

Once you understand the basic personality traits, now it is the turn to define goals for each person. Some people feel excited about the team-wide accomplishments whereas some people give preference to the personal achievement.

You can have contests around the goals. There can be exciting rewards when people achieve a certain target. Experts say that sales people often find contests interesting.

Build high level of trust

Remember, people will be motivated only when they have a trust in the manager and organization. When they believe that the organization they are working for cares about their growth and development, they work wholeheartedly. This aspect is furthermore applicable to the sales team because they are the people who always feel like deprived of.