Is IIT suffering from Industry-Academia Gap?
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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18Apr, 2015

The Indian Institutes of Technology have the reputation of churning our graduates and post-graduates that are respected by the world. Their alumni most often are bagged by some of the tech world’s biggest names right from the campus placement times, or head to illustrious careers It may sound like a generalization – yes, there’s a variety in the success story of every institute no matter of what repute – but you do register it’s a student of the IITs when you’re told.

Often though, not everyone cracks the campus placement rounds, even if they’re skilled enough to fit the technical aspect of the job. Reason? Their soft-skills have not been honed. Here we are often faced with graduates who know a lot about their subjects, but little on how to bag the attention of those who can give them the investment for it. It’s a matter of confidence, for the companies that want people to fit into their culture – more than finish a project. A good fit is a long-term investment, and it’s important for IITs to attend to this need while shaping their students, so that they have a stable career graph ahead.

The managerial and communication skills need to be as developed as their technical skills, for them to pursue higher education and better posts. With more competitive placements, a race to boast of better results within the IITs and with the companies narrowing their searches, it’s important to have the best ready with their best for the institutes.

To actually ace the interviews takes your primary technical skill, the ability to communicate – not just with the interviewer, but also with the team that you can potentially work for. Through your body language one must show that you are open to the job and its challenges. And through the right way of speaking with these companies that look for well-rounded individuals, more than task-labourers for their work. Even writing skills need to be taken a look at – flair to express could be in-born, but it’s not impossible to practice and gain the ability to put your communication through flawlessly.

The institutes have taken themselves to the tasks of providing these finishing touches for their students. IIT Hyderabad plans to introduce a programme for about 1500 students for their speech and presentation skills. The programme is in association with TalentSprint and will consist of a 36-hour course that looks into speech, writing, articulation, body language and more. It is meant for the students of MTech and BTech courses, as well as the PhD students on campus. IIT Kanpur has joined hands with the British Council for aptitude and technical tests, and focusing largely on improving their standards of English. IIT Madras has an interview and placement-oriented programme by students that helps develop interview skills, conversational aptitude, write better resumes and be more productive parts of GDs and PIs. IIT Guwahati is looking to join hands with coding platforms and business schools that can conduct communication enhancement workshops for its students.

This interest in the extracurricular well-being of the students might have been missed by the batches that were, but it is a relief to see the IITs take an active step towards setting out complete professionals into the world.

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