Hate your boss? Start Your Own Business
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 2 years ago
Hate your boss Start Your Own Business
09Jan, 2017

At times, employees are forced to deal with the bad bosses. Well, when we call a boss ‘bad’, it doesn’t mean he or she is always bad by heart. It is the organizational role that forces a person to react in a situation in a particular way. However, in some cases, the person is really a sadist who feels proud in humiliating others.

Do you think you are in a situation where your boss is making the life miserable? What would you do then? Search another job? Or continue working in the same organization because there is no other alternative?

Well, statistic says that the majority of people choose the second option. They keep on working in the same frustrating environment thinking about a day when the boss would resign and join another company. It never happens (or happens after a few years), and they spoil their health and mental peace in the meantime.

Take a bold step and get rid of the situation

There is one way out to this situation. Just put your papers and walk out of the office. Serve the notice period (if you are liable to) and launch your own business. Certainly, it is easier said than done; but it is not a wise thing to face the trauma either. 

What are you scared about? Being unsuccessful in the business and getting a financial hit? Think in the other way. When you already have a bitter relationship with the boss, what is the guarantee that you will remain in the organization? Isn’t there an equal risk of getting sacked without any intimation?

Hence, do not get into the rollercoaster of riddles and questions. Decide once and step out of the organization. The whole world is an opportunity for you.

Take a calculated risk and be in motion

Once you decide about launching your ‘personal’ business, put some efforts in working out the finances. What is the liability you have currently such as loan or borrowing? If yes, then calculate the money you need to put aside to pay the EMIs.

Add up all your expenses and income from other sources (such as interests from prior investments). Make the income and expenditure sheet. Once you are clear about the minimum amount you will have to earn from the new business, situation becomes quite simple.

If you go by such a methodical way, then nobody can stop you from getting successful in the business venture.