Can Indian Start-Ups Be Boosted By Modi’s Silicon Valley Visit
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 3 years ago
Modis Visist to boost Indian startup
29Sep, 2015

Can Indian Start-Ups Be Boosted By Modi’s Silicon Valley Visit

After a long time, an Indian Prime Minister is visiting the west coast of United States. Mr Narendra Modi in his venture to promote the favourable business climate of India is meeting up the top hierarchy of Facebook, Apple, Google, and PepsiCo among the other big groups. It is really positive signs for India as the steps taken by the Prime Minister looks to be sincere and enterprising. It is heralding encouraging signs for the Indian IT as well as ITES industries and assuring them of a good future. The benefits will really be promising if the initiatives are implemented in the right manner.

The Make in India agenda needs the right boost

Pushing the agenda to make India as an ideal manufacturing destination is looking great. However, we need concrete as well as cohesive steps to implement the right priorities that are essential for business entities especially start-ups. We need more than just good wishes from the American giants to help us grow as a manufacturing hub. While it is nice to get positives vibes from people like Tim Cook but the government have to provide the necessary map for investors in terms of land acquisition as well as overall environment that is present in the country.

Focusing on Indian start-ups

During his visit, the Prime Minister in San Jose spoke in details about the ecosystem of Indian start-ups. Although the mention in his speech is really appreciable, yet there is a lot to be done to grow the network of Indian start-ups. The Indian entrepreneurs have really helped in the promotion with their shared initiatives and have tried to build up with their community. There is a lot to be done by the government to help them grow as start-ups or associated service stations for the giants that be visited.

Encourage Entrepreneurship and Stop Brain Drain

While it appears great to congratulate Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google, it is important to provide the right atmosphere to our college graduates and inspire them to grow as possible entrepreneurs without hesitance and fear of failure. The centre has to take initiatives to stop the brain drain of this ambitious future out of the country that will help the Indian state.