Four organic tips to increase your followers on twitter for businesses
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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Is your business okay with losing the potential of interacting with more than 300 million people? If your answer is no! Then why are you not on twitter yet? Many businesses feel that being on twitter is unproductive and it’s just another social media activity that brand needs to do for the sake of it. For a business owner who thinks that putting up a company account on twitter is just another useless marketing activity will only get thousands of followers when pigs will start flying. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is one of the fastest growing social communities with more than millions of active users who tweet about almost everything under the sun. For brands, it's now more than important to be a part of this mammoth sized community.

You may find building followers on twitter organically as a futile task. But once you will realise that twitter is not the place to speak, but to see, listen, and create a two-way communication you will realise that it can quickly build you a strong and valuable followers for your business.

Here are some chatur tips on how to harness the maximum output from the social media giant ‘Twitter!’

Let twitter know what you want…

After you do your basic understanding of how twitter works, how to use hashtags? when to use hashtags? What’s the difference between a @mention and direct message? Why should you retweet and how does it help, then it’s time to let twitter know what you want from it. Chalk down a simple yet powerful strategy and get the answers to the critical questions related to your marketing strategy. Ask yourself, by bringing creating a twitter account for your business what are you trying to achieve, what is the value that you are bringing to the users. How should you drive the communication of your twitter handle to disseminate the information about your service or product without being obnoxious?

Set realistic goals. Be clear in you mind as to what kind of resources you are willing to spend and find out your own unique way to measure the success.

Retweet and favourite daily…

Find the content based on Hashtag related to your business and then retweet and favourite their content. Technically, twitter identifies that and automatically makes the user take notice of you. In addition, as we mentioned earlier Twitter is all about having a conversation, so when you will start appreciating others they will automatically start appreciating you. There are various white hat approved paid platforms like which can automate the tedious process of favouriting. By using such platforms, you can automatically favourite tweets based on the hashtags your business generally associates with, which will eventually gain sizeable traction to your Twitter handle.

Don’t just tweet, build a conversation…

Stay active on your account by regularly tweeting. If it is a personal account than one tweet per day is a must and for businesses there is no limit. Certain brands engage their users by tweeting five times per hour and some do as many as 10 to 20 tweets per day. With regular tweets, one must not forget that it’s also important to make an engaging interaction with the followers and your potential followers who retweet and favourite your content.

Voice your opinion…

This practice is affirmed by many marketing experts and is by far deemed as one of the most successful ways for brands to increase their followers exponentially. Voice out your opinion on the hot trends related to your business or otherwise, and tweet with relevant hashtags to increase the traction. If your tweet has innovative and witty content, then there is fat chance of it becoming viral and attracting a fleet of followers to your account.

Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds in our country, and being on twitter should be one of the topmost marketing strategies for any company. If integrated efficiently and vigorously, Twitter can become your most used and favourite tool to build a genuine and loyal follower base.