6 useful tips to make a Chatur presentation
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago

Whenever you are making a business presentation the first thing you should keep in mind is your product. People watching the presentation should be able to connect to the product in every slide of your presentation. Your presentation should have a pulling effect that the audience should be eagerly waiting for the next slide. With each passing slide, there should be newness yet the main motto of your presentation should not change.

Here are six Chatur tips that can be used in the making of a business presentation…

Keep your audience reminded about your product

 Your presentation should clearly convey your product in an effective manner. Through every passing slide, the audience should get a better view of the product. Every slide should be catchy enough to make the audience eagerly wait for the next one. The USP of your product should be made transparent and clear on each slide.

Use key phrases about your topic

Only essential information should be used in the slides. With key points being mentioned, the person presenting should do the rest of the explanation. Long sentences, where commas and full stop have to be used, should be strictly avoided. With the attention span of today’s audience decreasing faster than an ice on a hot stove, it’s important that the presentation should be crisp and attractive.

Avoid loud colors, fonts or themes, and animations

Slides with bright colors and fancy themes are believed to be immature presentations. Bright presentations are not considered attractive hence season players prefer using pleasant light colors. Fancy fonts should also be avoided as they at times become hard to read. At times, funny fonts take away the feel of a serious topic. The audience may be inclined or displeased by artistic fonts more than your presentation hence simple fonts are advisable for business presentations.

Use pie diagrams, graphs, and photos 

Ever wondered, why TOI (Times of India) changed their pattern of article writing from bold images to images with infographics? Because that’s the most successful way to grasp the attention of your audience! People don’t find long paragraphs interesting, great presentations usually try to explain their topic just through infographics.

Limit the number of slides

Nobody will read a 32 slides presentation, period! More the number of slides, more your audience is going to be bored. Your presentation won’t be remembered for the number of slides you showcased but the content and appearance of it. Presentations with few slides that convey your message quickly are usually eye catchy. Try adjusting your content in such a way that you have to spend just one minute per slide.

Prepare your presentation for Grammar Nazi’s!

After you have completed your presentation, cross check the slides for grammatical errors.  Realizing a spelling mistake or grammatical error while presenting on the big screen to an audience could be embarrassing. Always think that you are preparing a presentation for someone who is a stickler for grammar. So to avoid being corrected in the middle of your presentation, as it’s not ‘To’, it should be ‘Too’, can be ‘too’, embarrassing at times!  Proofread at least two times before you finalize your presentation.

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