Creating employment and upliftment via Nano Jobs - Vikash Choudary and Anupam Sinhal
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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It can be rightly said that all human beings are alike and the only thing which makes one ahead of the other is the way they think. For this, the best example can be Vikash Choudhary and his partner Anupam Sinhal. The duo that were once completely settled in their jobs took an offbeat path and became successful in launching an unusual job portal offering for blue and grey collared jobs.

Educated and comfortably placed in their jobs Choudary and Sinhal thought of starting up Nano Jobs when Choudary realised the problem of hiring multiple drivers at the same time in Mumbai and also realized that there was no online platform providing such services. Initially, the major task was to set up a database through which people could find an interested candidate for the blue collared jobs. Both started their firm with an initial capital of Rs. 4 lac and 15 employees’ staff for the office. Collecting data for the database was a tedious work to do, so both took different ways to get contacts of those people who were interested in these jobs.

People interested for this simply required to submit their resumes or contact through their helpline number for free and the potential employer. Employers are required to pay a minimum fees for availing these services which are in a way a boon for these unemployed workforces. As many in the blue collared category who are in search of jobs and do not get such kind of an opportunity.

The company is growing leaps and bounds with increasing business turnover year after year. The struggle of finding few drivers gave birth to an idea, which turned into a potential start up bearing fruits of success. The company not only provides benefits to the owner but also helping that section of society, which requires support for their upliftment.

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