Top 5 Business Apps for A Small Business
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 3 years ago
11Jan, 2016

Starting a small business has now become a lot easier. Considering that we are now living in a modern era with internet technology, we should empower our business with an internet presence. In addition to having an informational and resourceful website, some business apps may also come in very handy to run our small business. When it comes to choosing the business apps to support your small business, you should prioritize the safety of the business apps. Other than that, it would be much better if you can come up with the cost-effective ones.


Google is so much more than the biggest search engine in the online world. This company has come up with a number of apps that can be very useful for your small business. Let us take Gmail for example. Beside its free services, Gmail has turned out to be the best email service for professionals and business owners. The fact that this email service is free from ads and is well equipped with span protection feature has made it more valuable for business owners.


This business app is obviously one of the best cloud tools to help you compete in the ever-changing market. Salesforce's leading CRM application and customer service solutions enables you to boost your sales.


Bookkeeping and accounting can be a very frustrating job in running a business and Xero has the power to make these jobs look pretty light. From the numerous invoicing and bookkeeping apps out there, Xero is the one that offers a great security.


Collaboration is also an important part of your business. You can rely on this business app to help you take care of the sharing, editing and collaborating your Office documents more securely. This would be a nice addition to your Google Docs.


When you run a business, it is inevitable that we use different passwords for various purposes. Keeping all the passwords in your head could be very risky. Passible is a very useful business app that helps you store all your important passwords, credit card and login information in a secure way.