The way everyone see it!! Mumbai Meri Jaan…..
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 3 years ago
19May, 2016

Mumbai” an entrepreneur land. The place where everyone has a dream to visit right from the birth till the older age. It’s full of dreamers, hard-labourers, entrepreneurs, startups etc. It takes an almost entire life for a person to settle their business in Mumbai, where some business grows while some business crashes down. Many people comes from Rural Areas to Mumbai just to start their business, while they have sold their lands, house, jewellery etc. Who knows that? Do you have an answer?

It is a place where even people says “Darr ke aage jeet he, aur Dadar ke aage seat he.” It is a place with full of competition, where no one can succeed without a proper guidance.

Mumbai the place which has changed the life of millions of peoples. A movie named as “Ek chaalis ki last local” says a lot about this.

It is a place where startup’s faces a bundles of competitions. Where some haves an ideas to start their business but they don’t have a proper mentor, while some have mentor but they don’t have investors, while some have investors but they don’t know to execute their business. This is how the startup’s faces the problem. They need a proper consultant who can save their crores of rupees by making the investment at the right place.  Every student needs a teacher the same way every entrepreneur needs a proper consultant.

There are 3 simple things about Mumbai (seen from an entrepreneur’s perspective) which makes it one of the most exciting business cities in India if not world!

1. Opportunities

Mumbai is one place where if you decide to network with people, you will be swamped with hundreds of opportunities. People are extremely forthcoming with respect to what they need once you meet them. It usually matters less what exactly is your niche … this sometimes happens in other places too but the difference is that in Mumbai people are serious about it. I mean lot of people use some big opportunities just to talk big. But here, guys really have budget to back up their big ideas.

2. Speed

If you are new to the city, that’s one of the first things that hits you like a thunderbolt! Everyone is in hurry and running around. Everyone wants to break his current orbit and get into next one let it be promotion, business expansion or just becoming taxi driver from a rickshaw-wala. Everyone is in hurry to achieve his/her dreams.

Decision making is extremely fast here. There is a realistic chance that you can finish a decent size deal in a week here. What better can a start-up entrepreneur ask for?

3. Professionalism

Average Mumbaikar’s professionalism is something that sets Mumbai apart from all the cities in India. Let me give you an example: - One day I took an auto from a Hotel near Airport to Andheri station, the meter showed 42 rupees. I gave him a note of 50 since I did not have change. The auto driver requested for 2 rupees change and gave me back 10 rupees. I did not possess the change so I gave him back the 10 rupees and asked for whatever he change he had and told him to keep the rest. The guy just smiled, gave me back by 10 rupees and sped off leaving me speechless. After coming across all the auto-wallas in Madhya Pradesh, Delhi this was completely new to me. The peoples here would save time and chase new customers rather than fighting over small change.

And this you can see in every aspect of business here. ‘Value for money’ is revered ethic. You experience ‘Customer satisfaction’ truly in plenty of facets of daily life. Everyone is expected to work hard for their living and you can expect the same in return!

So if you are a start-up entrepreneur doing business in India, make sure you have your footprint in Mumbai because “Mumbai to he hi apni Jaan…..”!!!!