Be a Hero
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 2 years ago
Be a hero
21Oct, 2016

Here is a delightful offer for you.

I offer you a movie, you have to choose between three roles- one, a common man among the mass, two a side actor in a supporting role and three the HERO of the movie. You might think I am stupid to even ask you that. Who would do a common man role among mass when offered the role of a hero? Aren't you doing it? No? Think once more.

You are, if you've left the problem to be solved by other guys. You are, if you haven't thought of a solution to your problem. Unexpectedly, if you have found a solution but you are not ready to let it reach the masses. You are just doing a role of a person among mass which would go unnoticed. Forget remembering you after the role, you have just one percent chance to be recognised while the scene is going on.

If you can sell the pen at a higher price, you are definitely a pursuader. You are salesperson. But if you have the ability to sell the same innovative pen by reducing the cost, you are an entrepreneur. And you have the ability to sail the voyage. You have the ability to run the movie like one of the KHANS.

Why am I comparing an entrepreneur to a hero?

According to mythologies, all the heroes go through a similar structure " a hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won. The hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to before the boons on his fellow man."

Sounds similar to the stories of an entrepreneur. Perhaps you might know and love one.

Much like the hero of a great story, you too undertake this heroic journey.

First thing you need to do is separate yourself from the comforts and security of normal life. Your first step. After all, the journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.

You might think that after you have released the trailer (start up stage) the world will embrace you with open arms. Not at all. Like a hero, you have to earn success through trials and challenges of growth, discovery and failure.

Once people accept you, you will realise how far your determination has taken you. You will get addicted to this journey. You will start again, a new project, this time not as a novice but an experienced and skillful person.

If you have that spark in you, don't hold back. Get up and be the hero of your own movie. Mr. God, our producer gives us just one chance. And we ought to make it worth watching. Is there a better role than being an entrepreneur?

Sit back. Think. Don't forget to act.