4 traits that show that you should become an entrepreneur
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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21May, 2015

Many of us follow a particular trend in our lives when it comes to our careers. We went to school, then college, then to jobs and are now sitting back and reading about how quickly the world has changed. Then there are ‘the odd ones’, who just chose not to do jobs and instead chose to pursue their dreams. They are the ones like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who gave the college or university a try but soon realized they were better off minus it. Then there are those who become entrepreneurs fairly young like Sir Richard Branson who started his business at the age of 16. What is common between both types is that they had certain entrepreneurial traits which made them believe in their ideas and ambitions and chose to follow them.

Here are four traits that indicate that why you should quit your job, pack your bags and pursue the entrepreneurial dream:

You are always multi-tasking and end up doing more than just your job

This is a primary trait that a budding entrepreneur is armed with. You always end up doing more than just your job. Because of that, you either are always thinking of how something can be made better or are busy thinking of the next big idea. Your focus is always on either how to make a neat profit or simply how to build a dream project and then sell it to someone.

You want to control your destiny

This is a trait which occurs to many when they are frustrated with their 9 to 6 jobs. If you are someone who always felt that you don’t want to be at the mercy of someone, in this case, it would be your boss, you would choose to go the entrepreneur way. The fact that someone decides to hire you, fire you, appraise you, demote you is no longer something that motivates you. Entrepreneurs are strongly dedicated towards controlling their destiny. They want to progress at a pace they desire. They no longer care about the pension or provident fund an organization can provide. Entrepreneurship is your new pension and retirement plan! Unlimited earning possibilities is what shapes your destiny now.

Location independence is something which fascinates you

You would rather work while sitting on your bean bag as opposed to sitting on a chair and desk in a fancy office. You love to travel and would rather explore, learn about new cultures and broaden your horizon as opposed to traveling to and fro from home to office. This is one of the traits, which an entrepreneur possesses. Having location independence provides you with the ability to handle your business from anywhere in the world. You no longer are tied down to a location or an office.

Jay Meistrich built his startup “Moo.do” while he travelled 45 cities in 20 countries. Moreover, his finances during the travels were lesser than what he would end up paying in his current city.

You want to leave a lasting legacy

Lastly, this trait is showcased by one who intends to leave something behind for generations to follow. They are focused on working towards their idea and sustaining it for years to come. There is never an exit strategy for them. They have always dreamt of acquiring companies and taking over them in a bid to grow their business. The greatest example being that of Henry Ford who built Ford Motor Company from scratch and passed down the legacy to his children and the impact continues to live. This trait is often showcased by those who are passionate about their visionary idea and often end up leaving something, which their children are proud of.

Being an entrepreneur is never easy, but if you portray the 4 traits mentioned above, then you certainly are not the ones who should be pursuing a 9 to 6 job. You are then undoubtedly meant to chase the entrepreneurial dream.  

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