4 of the Youngest Chatur entrepreneurs of the world and their tales
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
17Jul, 2015

There is never an age to become an entrepreneur. The youngest ones are not even teens and the eldest ones are in their 90’s. Sometimes, what young minds can think, create and innovate some elderly ones cannot. They truly put lots of meaning to the words “Age is just a number.” 

Let us have at tales of 4 such young Chaturs and their enterprises.

  1. Suhas Gopinath - Global INC

“I was overwhelmed by the world of Internet. It became a passion,” says Suhas Gopinath who began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17 when he took charge as the CEO of Global INC, an IT multinational company. Born in Bangalore, he self-learnt how to make websites from books and made his first website at the age of 14, the same age at which he incorporated his company. For what began as a past time soon became his obsession. He has 15 plus full-time software engineers and makes it a point to hire those in and around his age to keep the atmosphere friendly..

  1. The Johnson Siblings of Flipoutz

“We came up with it on a long ride home from the beach,” says Lachlan, one of the three Johnson siblings who founded Flipoutz. A mere family trip gave them the idea of creating interactive bracelets with a personal touch. These bracelets have personalized coins which can be bought, traded and tracked online. The siblings behind the venture are Jake (15), Lachlan (18) and Erin (20) all of whom are one of the youngest entrepreneurs. They won Shark Tank and walked away with USD 1, 00,000 which they take lots of pride in.

  1. Harli Jordean - Land of Marbles

'My dream is to have a chain of stores like Hamleys - it will be one of the biggest toy stores in the world but selling all sorts of marbles.” These are not the words of a 30 year old entrepreneur but an 8 year old Harli Jordean who is referred to as “King of Marbles.” Aged only 8, he started an online business of selling marbles and has been churning profits of thousands of pounds since years. It all began when he started trading marbles with his friends. Some older kids bullied him and took his stock away and then Harli asked his Mum to buy him some more off the web. This is when he realized no store like this existed and saw an opportunity. He begged her to allow him to start his own website and within months of launching, orders had started flooding in. The rest is history. Harli holds the world record for being the youngest CEO.

  1. Sindhuja Rajaraman – Seppan

“My father, who is a cartoonist, instilled in me the passion to do animation and taught me the entire process," says the 14 year old Sindhuja Rajaraman who seeked inspiration from her father’s work for starting her own animation company. While in the 9th standard (14 years old), she founded Seppan and ended up in the record books for the same. They first started making amateur animation movies and when First Planet seed funded Seppan with Rs. 10 Lakh, there was no turning back. They were initially provided with 3 projects and since then they have roped in many.