3 Leadership Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 3 years ago
3Leadership Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg
21Dec, 2015

The world of social media was awaken by a social media website named Facebook. Before this, using social media was pretty lame even though we already had a number of websites that allow us to connect our friends and family through internet. Today, with more than a billion users, Facebook has turned out to be one of the biggest and most successful social media websites on the planet. Mark Zuckerberg, as the one behind all this, has become a very popular and important figure. Thanks to his quality and exceptional leadership skills, Mark Zuckerberg has made his dream come true and it should be very interesting to learn about some of the leadership lessons from this successful figure.

Showing A Great Passion

Like many other successful entrepreneurs have to experience, Mark Zuckerberg has managed to stay passionate in his every effort to develop Facebook. His passion to make the world more open has beaten all the obstacles and challenges that he faced including when fought against his three Harvard seniors in the court. Without a passionate approach, it is almost impossible that you can get persistent in reaching your business goal.

Be A Good Listener to The Employees

Mark Zuckerberg has shown that a good boss is not only those with great vision and management skills. He has shown the world that you need to treat your employees pretty well including listening to what they have to say and share. That way, Mark has effectively given a clear picture of the company and its future goals to every employee.

Have Faith in Your Product

By the time he introduced Facebook, Mark already had a clear idea about how this social media website will develop and reach its full potentials. He always believes in his product and his vision on developing Facebook is priceless. Not only that he had turned down $10 million dollars offer, Mark also believes that his Facebook is even more valuable than a $1 billion offer from Microsoft.

Behind a successful story, there should be a powerful figure with a great vision and great leadership skills. One thing for sure, learning about some of their leadership lessons can be very helpful and inspiring.