Four golden rules for gathering the best team!
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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Now that you have a Chatur idea, what are you going to do with it? No matter how great your idea is ultimately it will only become successful if you have a great team to support your vision and values of your startup. Building a dream company can be as sensitive as an air-filled balloon, one wrong recruitment of an unfit member, in the core team, can burst the balloon in the blink of an eye!

Here are some Chatur golden rules to gather the best team for your startup…

Clear the expectations from the start…

The starting days of a startup are always thrilling; it almost feels like you have set off on a journey to conquer the world! Well whilst that feeling is great to have, don’t let the ‘thrill’ make you take decisions of gathering the team candidly. With the current lifestyle your personal and work commitments, it’s next to impossible to go solo on your venture. It’s important that the team you choose also share’s the same passion and commitment as you do. It's important to set the right expectation from your team at an early stage and assess who will bring what value to your organization.

Do a Chatur Assessment!

One must follow this great exercise before they gather any team member for the project, it’s important to have a strong value code and the tenacity to stick with it. It is important to set the values that will eventually guide your organization. Gather the team for a good one to two hours for a meeting and ask them to take a paper and list out their core values as a person. At the end of the task ask them to analyze their core values and boil it down to just four or five important ones. This will not only help you evaluate, your co founders and co workers thinking, but you can also hold them accountable to their own values, this will make their decision making capabilities stronger and efficient.

Assess the weakness… 

There are no fixed roles in startups, nobody is the CEO, or a CFO or VP or Head of a department, everyone wears all the hats, if required. Although it’s imperative to keep a crisp focus on your area of expertise, your team members can become a good asset if they share a similar skill set, tasks at hand becomes less burdensome when you have limited resources and when time is not on your side. So remember this golden rule, whilst to gather the team on the credentials of their expertise, do not forget to assess their additional strengths and how they compliment your business at various levels.

Don’t rush to get your full-time employees…

Almost in all cases show that the small team makes a greater impact! Smaller the team the more you will work as a closely knitted group that shares the same principles and ideology. You could just hire some great part-time talented advisors, domain experts or consultant to get the goals your desire. So, understanding with whom you want to partner and who you will hire for part-time is the best way to save on your resources for your startup goals.

As the good old chatur says, your business should become so independent, that it should work whilst you’re sleeping. Always remember your business is a ‘9 to 5’ job when you are not making profits. So hiring the dream team is not an option, it’s a mandate!

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