Cheat Sheet to Marketing Technology, List of essential tools for your startup.
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 3 years ago
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Adopting new technology is scary and time-consuming both. Many of the Marketing Technology items can be intimidating for most businesses. And it’s fair because it is a struggle to learn a new tool, it can be challenging and strenuous at the same time. But not adopting technology also means your startup is missing on tools that could make your business easier simpler and profitable.

Imagine the problems you can solve with the help of certain Marketing technology tools. You could optimize your marketing and tech teams efficiency. If applied in the correct manner it can reduce a lot of work from your employees.

Here is the cheat sheet of marketing technology tools that your startup can use to optimize the work effciency in a smarter way.

Advice: No two tools are same, as a business owner you must understand looking at your business model and sevices which tool will provide maximum output to your business.


Tag Management:  A tag is a chunk of code often a JavaScript that performs a task on your site. Usually, there are seprate tags that needs to be deployed to collect data for various things like tags for analytics, affiliate marketing, advertising, etc. With a Tag manager, you can deploy the same tag across all pages seamlessly without requiring additional development resources. (Give your developer a break!)

Unless you are a startup which has a heavily complicated site, like an e-commerce website then you can go for Google Tag Manager. If you are an enterprise or heading to become an enterprise then it’s recommended to use paid Tag Management Services like Adobe DTM, Tealium, etc. 

Analytics and Tracking:  By far most of the startups know the best way to track your site or campaign performance is via Google Analytics. However, If you are heading towards becoming an enterprise you should check out Adobe Analytics.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM): It’s the most basic form of managing a company’s current and future consumers. It’s one of the best ways to organise and automate sales, marketing, customer service and technical support. One of the most famous and popular CRM is Salesforce. But there are many in the market which a startup can choose from like Nimble, Hubspot, OnContact, NetSuit CRM Plus, Act CRM, SalesNexus, Sage, etc.  

Content Delivery Network (CDN): A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of large distributed systems deployed in multiple locations across the internet with the goal of serving content with high availability and performance.  Website with high traffic with static as well as dynamic resources can use CDN to create fast and efficient delivery. Few of the best CDN Providers are Amazon CloudFront, Akamai Content Delivery Network, Cloud Flare Content Delivery Network, Azure Content Delivery Network, MAXCDN, etc.     

Social Media Management:  Social media is essential. It’s no more the common chit-chat corner. All the enterprises have realised the importance of Social Media and it effects on business. As a startup, it’s the best way to communicate what you’re here for and what you are trying to solve. But the ever-growing space of social media marketing has made it impossible to manage it without 3rd party tools. Few famous tools to manage, study and track your social media are Hootsuite, Pagemodo, Buffer, Sprout Social, Spreadfast and Follower Wonk by MOZ.

Campaign Management:  Campaign Management tools are the best way to manage, target and organize multi-faceted marketing campaigns. Important functions like data mining, customer segmentation, optimization, best recommendations, trigger events are seamlessly managed by these tools. Some of the best campaign management solutions are Google Adwords Campaign, Adobe Campaign, Basecamp, Proofhub, Brightpod, etc.