Which Comes First, a Great Idea for a Business, or a Great Team?
Author : Writer at Chatur Idea
Posted : 2 years ago
Which Comes First, a Great Idea for a Business, or a Great Team
13Jan, 2017

Don’t you think people are pretty confused about the priorities while conceptualizing a business idea? Yes, they are! The reason is; they do not look at the things in a neutral and third-party perspective. Well, what does it mean really? It means that one has to keep aside the personal biases and prejudice while deciding business priorities.

Ask the experts and everybody would vote for the team. Yes, you need it because success can’t be achieved alone. You need a bunch of excited, enthusiastic and determined people who put their whole efforts in realizing your dream into reality.  There is no exception to it. You need a team, period!

Collaboration and cooperation make a business successful

Have you ever noticed a band getting ready for the live performance? Well, it is incredibly boring indeed. They spend a couple of hours in setting each of the instruments till it comes to the complete harmony. At the end of such a massive exercise, you enjoy the best music performance.

Setting a business is just like it setting an orchestra. You need a fleet of resources where everybody is dedicated fulfilling the business objective. You can’t even imagine about converting the dreams into reality if there is nobody to work with you. It is possible to arrange finance, it is possible to arrange the resources, it is possible to arrange the tools and equipment, but it is impossible to extract the output unless you have a great team.

When people work collaboratively and cooperatively, they achieve phenomenal results. The synergy effect works so well that you get more than the expected output.  When one is successful, always there is a team that makes it possible. A bunch of dedicated workers who do not let a stone unturned to achieve greater and greater heights of perfection.

How to build a great team?

As mentioned earlier, the synergy makes such a great impact that even a fleet of average performers delivers incredible results. More than brilliance, the determination is more important.

When you get people who don’t work as an employee but an entrepreneur, nobody can stop the company from achieving success. People who care about what they do and love to see the organization at brilliant heights make the ideal team. Visualize the structure of the team and fill each position with utmost caution. It is difficult to search such people and nurture them, but no an impossible thing either.  Once this tough task is over, the rest of the journey is smooth.