Life as a female entrepreneur Good and ‘bad’ traits of a woman in business
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Posted : 2 years ago
Life as a female entrepreneur Good and ‘bad’ traits of a woman in business
11Nov, 2016

Well, the title of this blog will certainly raise eyebrows of many people as it may look offensive for a few who think that one shouldn’t carry the age-old prototypes in mind as far as female entrepreneurship is concerned. The times have changed now, and we have female CEOs and business owners in every second company. In this context, is there any sense to discuss and analyze the so-called good and bad traits of a woman in business?

The Good

Certainly, it is always good to start with the strong points as it boosts the confidence. In female entrepreneurs, there are many traits that help in taking the business to new heights:

  • Sustainability: Experts say that sustainability is perhaps the most desired trait when you want to build an empire. Women are more concentrated and methodical which help in building long-running business plans. And I wonder if you've already begun to notice the fact that most of the women entrepreneurs are incredibly successful both at the business and domestic front. They not only take the business to new heights but inculcate the best values in the family.
  • Better listening skills: In general, women in business are better listeners. They have good opportunities to listen and take advice from others. With great confidence, they can move ahead with confidence.
  • Ability to build a strong business relationship: Allow yourself to drift back when you were a small child, and how your mother maintained the best relationship with neighbors and relatives. Yes, you have inherited the same legacy, and it is the reason; you could build superb business relationships with others. It is a significant business trait indeed.

The “not so good”

Women entrepreneurs have a few inhibiting traits or limiting factors that they should look into.

Sometimes, they lack in a long-term perspective which is highly important when you are running a business. Don’t let the short-term difficulties hamper your bigger picture.

Women entrepreneurs find it difficult to sustain extreme pressure situations. Experts call it “bursting the emotions” when they are in ultimate stressful conditions.

You must realize the fundamental difference in the thinking patterns so that they can overcome the limitations. The women should focus on the character traits and qualities that should be leveraged. At the same time, they should avoid the so-called “inhibiting traits”. Retrospective analysis and continuous improvement are the two keys to long-lasting success.