Why is it necessary to set up culture and value system of a company?
Author : Senior Writer at Chatur Ideas
Posted : 4 years ago
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You might say that first we need to work and establish our start up’s functioning because it's important, and maybe later we can conclude on the culture and values of our organization should be like! And that's when you will make the first mistake in your start up! If you don’t believe me ask the makers of Google about how important is it to set up core value chain for the organization at an early stage The value system inversely impacts the company’s culture and brand, So it’s very important to understand, why it is necessary for any business?

Hiring becomes a cakewalk…

When we say it’s important to have a value system, one may say “corporations don’t have values, people have values!” And that’s what it means! Although it’s   important to evaluate the candidate’s inventiveness and acumen before hiring, it is imperative to also understand his characteristics and will that person be a perfect fit for your organization. If the company has already set up their value system, they will naturally know which candidate will add value to their team and which may become troublemaker in the team in the future.

So next time when you are interviewing someone and ‘Accountability’ is one of the core values of your company do ask the person to talk about incident where they had to take the entire ownership of project and how successful the project was!

Embed the values in the work

Let’s take an example to understand this one. Let’s say your company’s core value is ‘to display professionalism at all time.’  So if your employee comes late for work, don’t ask them why they are late? Just simply inform that you are being unprofessional and professionalism is not just an option at our workplace. And ask him or her, how they would rectify this. This will effectively correct the unwanted behavior as the personal feeling connected to the statement is automatically removed when you align your company’s value with corrective measures.  

Values clear the clutter in the identity…

If you hire cheaters, your company’s identity, and culture will be the same! Similarly, if your organization thrives on innovation, then go find the curious and inquisitive ones.  It’s the company’s value that educates your customers, clients and employees about the culture and what the company is all about. To add to this, in this ‘dog eat dog world’ and with the current level of competition in the market, only the companies which have their values that can reach out to the public effectively can survive. Don’t believe me ask Mark Zuckerberg! The odd one who wanted to make millions of friends!